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The GODAE High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Pilot Project
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The GHRSST-PP International Project Office is sponsored by ESA and the Met Office

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The GHRSST-PP Data Management Technical Advisory Group (DM-TAG)

The GHRSST-PP Data Management TAG is responsible for the day-to-day operational specifiaction and management of GHRSST-PP data products and services. In paractice, this involves the specification and control of all aspects of data archive, dissemination, file level and discovery metadata, international standards conformance, quality control and assurace issues, product content, amongst many others. The DM-TAG is a dynamic team drawing on the collective resources of an international membership that is actively involved in satellite and in situ data management issues.

This group is responsible for overseeing technical issues involving the data management activities of the GHRSST-PP project. Current membership includes:

  • Chelle Gentemann: Remote Sensing Systems, Santa Rosa California
  • Ken Casey: National Oceanographic Data Center/National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NODC/NOAA), LTRSF Long Term Reanalysis and Stewardship Facility.
  • Jorge Vazquez: Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology, GDAC, Global Data Assembly Center
  • Ian Barton: Bluelink, Australia
  • Jean-Francois Piolle: Medspiration, France
  • Craig Donlon: International Chair of GHRSST-PP project

The DM-TAG has defined technical issues for both the distribution and long-term archive of the GHRSST-PP data. The Long Term Stewardship and Reanalysis Facility LTSRF)will be responsible for the permanent archive of all GHRSST-L2P data. The GDAC, located at the Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center (PODAAC), will be responsible for maintaining the real time distribution of the GHRSST data. Additionally the GDAC is tasked with maintaining the GHRSST-PP master metadata repository (MMR), the matchup databases (MDB), and providing missing ancillary fields in the L2P format data files.

The DM-TAG has defined the FTP structure for both the GDAC and the LTRSF at NODC. The LTRSF is tasked with both the long-term archive of all GHRSST data and the reanalysis of the GHRSST-PP data. The basic layout can be found in the DM-TAG termns of reference document.

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