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The GHRSST-PP International Project Office is sponsored by ESA and the Met Office

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The GHRSST-PP International Project Office (GHRSST-PO)

At the second GHRSST-PP workshop (Tokyo, Japan, May 2002, GHRSST/5), the GHRSST-PP Science Team formerly endorsed the need for an International GHRSST-PP Project office (GHRSST-PO) to supervise the international coordination and execution of the GHRSST-PP according to the GHRSST-PP Development and Implementation Plan and all of its sub-components. The GHRSST-PP Science Team noted that the overarching priority activity of the GHRSST-PO will be to obtain, evaluate, disseminate and facilitate the exchange of information within the GHRSST-PP community (including the Space Agencies, funding bodies and sponsors, operational ocean and meteorological agencies, universities and research laboratories, data managers, data analysis and modelling programmes and scientists) and any other entity involved in GHRSST-PP. It was agreed that a project Director should staff the GHRSST-PO for the duration of the GHRSST-PP project.

How to find the GHRSST-PO in the United Kingdom

The objectives for the GHRSST-PO are as follows:

  1. To establish a GHRSST-PO at the UK Met Office including the necessary infrastructure required to operate the GHRSST-PO.
  2. To staff and operate the GHRSST-PO for a period of three consecutive years stating from September 1st 2003.
  3. To manage the international coordination and execution of the GHRSST-PP as described in the GHRSST-PP Development and Implementation Plan (GDIP) including all of its sub-components and deliverables.
  4. To support ESA in the coordination of satellite instrument validation activities focussed on the development of a user information service for the reporting and exchange of validation results and information elating to the operational activities of satellite platforms and data delivery in near real time.
  5. To provide ESA with appropriate progress and annual reports and attend regular review meetings at ESA ESRIN, Italy.

The figure below identifies role and scope of the GHRSST-PO.

GHRSST-PO Management Structure

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