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The GODAE High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Pilot Project
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The GHRSST-PP International Project Office is sponsored by ESA and theMet Office

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GHRSST-PP Global Data Analysis Centre (GDAC)

The Global Data Assembly Center (GDAC) maintained at the Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center (PO.DAAC) is tasked with the Distribution and User Support of all GHRSST-PP data products. GHRSST level 2 preprocessed data (L2P) is now available via the FTP in near real time through the ftp site at: or by direct ftp at Read software for the netCDF files are available under: and documentation under: Information on the GDAC may be obtained through

GHRSST data now available through the GDAC includes:

  1. Medspiration Regional Data Assembly Center (RDAC) L2P products for TMI, AMSRE, AVHRR, AATSR, SEVIRI are currently available for the Atlantic and parts of the Pacific Central American Coast.
  2. Medspiration Level 4 ultra-high resolution optimally interpolated SSTs in the Mediterranean.
  3. High Resolution Diagnostic Data Sets
  4. Remote Sensing Systems (RDAC) L2P products are available globally for AMSRE and TMI.
  5. Master Metadata Repository (MMR) search capabilities
  6. A web site has been fully implemented in support of all the GDAC actitivities
  7. OCEANIDS, the near real time management software at the GDAC, has been managing all the data streams going into the GDAC. This includes data status and inventory checks for all GHRSST-PP data streams. Status of GHRSST data streams coming into OCEANIDS may be accessed through:

Plans for Fy06

Other RDACs coming on line in future months include NAVOCEANO which will produce a global L2P AVHRR NOAA-18 derived 2.2km. SST product. MODIS global SST 1km data will be produced in collaboration with the Ocean Biology Color Group and the University of Miami. Other plans include implementing a real time subsetting capability for the GHRSST L2P data sets.

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