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The GODAE High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Pilot Project
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The GHRSST-PP International Project Office is sponsored by ESA and the Met Office

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GHRSST-PP Data Product Descriptions

The GHRSST-PP has developed a set of SST Definitions that are refered to in this page. Follow the links below for a full description the GHRSST-PP data products you are interested in.

L2P Observations
Example L2P
L2P Integrated observations

L2P data products provide satellite SST observations together with a measure of uncertainty for each observation in a common netCDF format. Auxilliary fields are also provided for each pixel as dynamic flags to filter and help interpret the SST data. These data are ideal for data assimilation systems or as input to analysis systems.
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L4 Gridded SST
Map of today's global Sea Surface Temperature
Example L4 data set

L4 gridded products are generated by combining complementary satellite and in situ observations within Optimal Interpolation systems. L4 gridded products are provided in GHRSST-PP netCDF format. These data are ideal for model diagnostic studies, model boundary condition specification and model initialisation.
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Climate Data Records
Map of today's global Sea Surface Temperature
Reanalysis CDR data set

Re-analysis L4 data products are generated by combining delayed mode satellite and in situ observations in an optimal manner within the GHRSST-PP Re-Analysis program (GHRSST-RAN). Great care is taken to ensure that only the highest quality observations are used to generate Climate Data Records (CDR).
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Diagnostic Data Set
HR-DDS data sets
Example HR-DDS data set

Diagnostic Data Sets are produced from satellite data every day for a number of globally distributed sites as part of the GHRSST-PP data product monitoring system. In some cases, satellite winds, ocean colour, operational NWP and ocean forecast model outputs are also available. These data products are aimed at groups interested in verification of satellite data sets (ioncluding L2P and L4 GHRSST-PP products).
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Matchup Database
Map of today's global Sea Surface Temperature
Example MDB data set

The GHRSST-PP systems match satellite SST and SST analysis products to in situ observations and store these matchup pairs in a relational database. The GHRSST-PP MAtchup DataBAse (MDB) is then used to validate GHRSST-PP data products and to generate single Sensor Error Statistics (SSES) required by L2P data prolducts.
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Metadata Records
MAster MetaData Repository
Example MMR data set

International Standards Based (FGDC, ISO19115, INSPIRE) Metadata records are available as an on-line resource from the GHRSST-PP MAster MEtadata Repository (MMR) system. The MMR provides a complete catalogue of all GHRSST-PP compliant data sets
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