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The GODAE High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Pilot Project
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The GHRSST-PP International Project Office is sponsored by ESA and the Met Office

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Input Data to the GHRSST-PP

The GHRSST-PP uses a variety of input data that are indexed in this page. Follow the links below for a full description the GHRSST-PP data products you are interested in.

  1. AMSR-E homepage
  2. AATSR homepage@University of Leicester
  3. ATSR homepage@RAL
  4. ESA's Near Real Time ATSR's Averaged Sea Surface Temperature (ASST)
  5. TRMM-VIRS description
  6. SSM/I data
  7. TRMM TMI real-time data (Wentz)
  8. Meteosat Next Generation (MSG)
  9. GOES project
  10. GMS-5 data (Japan Meteorlogical Agency Satellite Center
  11. AVHRR Pathfinder Oceans Project at the University of Miami's RSMAS
  12. NOAA Satellite Active Archive
  13. Naval Oceanographic Office Unclassified daily composites of AVHRR MCSST provided in near-realtime.
  14. NOAA/NASA AVHRR Oceans Pathfinder Monthly Sea Surface Temperature
  15. MODIS
  16. FY-1C/D MVISR
  17. ASTER homepage

In situ SST data:

  1. NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center The world's largest collection of publicly available oceanographic data.
  2. NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory Archive for in-situ data including the TOGA TAO Buoy Data.
  3. NOAA National Data Buoy Center Archive for moored and drifting buoy data.
  4. AVHRR Pathfinder Oceans Matchups Database
  5. ISAR VOS in situ radiometer
  6. SISTeR in situ radiometer
  7. ODAS buoys around the UK

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