OSTIA: Operational Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice Analysis
Image showing sea surface temperature
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Operational Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice Analysis (OSTIA)


The OSTIA system produces a high resolution analysis of the current sea surface temperature (SST) for the global ocean.

Latest Analysis
Latest SST Analysis [Click here for the full resolution png version - 3.5Mb]

Real Time SST monitoring

A selection of plots using OSTIA data to monitor sea surface temperature can be found here.

Data visualisation

OSTIA data can be viewed interactively via the CMEMS viewer here. Click on the "View Product" button in top right corner. The monthly and seasonal averages and the SST anomaly to climatology and satellite biases can also be viewed here.

The OSTIA system

OSTIA uses satellite data provided by the GHRSST project, together with in-situ observations to determine the sea surface temperature. The analysis is performed using a variant of optimal interpolation (OI) described by Martin et al., 2007. The analysis is produced daily at a resolution of 1/20° (approx. 5km). OSTIA data is provided in GHRSST netCDF format every day.

Data Access

Access to OSTIA data is available by e-mailing the CMEMS service desk. Click here for more information about CMEMS.

WARNING: OSTIA users still obtaining data from http://ghrsst-pp.metoffice.com/data/OSTIA should transition to the CMEMS data service described above. The feed through http://ghrsst-pp.metoffice.com/data/OSTIA will be discontinued on Jan 14th 2014. Any problems contact the OSTIA team on ml-ostia@metoffice.gov.uk


A description of the OSTIA system can be found in the following paper: Donlon et al. 2012.


Any problems with this webpage should be reported to the OSTIA team via ml-ostia@metoffice.gov.uk


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Martin, M.J., A. Hines and M.J. Bell, 2007. Data assimilation in the FOAM operational short-range ocean forecasting system: a description of the scheme and its impact. Q.J.R. Meteorol. Soc., 133:981-995.

John D. Stark, Craig J. Donlon, Matthew J. Martin and Michael E. McCulloch, 2007, OSTIA : An operational, high resolution, real time, global sea surface temperature analysis system., Oceans '07 IEEE Aberdeen, conference proceedings. Marine challenges: coastline to deep sea. Aberdeen, Scotland.IEEE.

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