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The GODAE High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Pilot Project
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The GHRSST-PP International Project Office is sponsored by ESA and the Met Office

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GHRSST-PP Technical Advisory Groups (TAG) and Working Groups (WG)

The Following TAG and Working Groups (WG) are currently active within the GHRSST-PP. Follow the links for mmore information


The GHRSST-PP Data Processing Specification (GDS) TAG is responsible for the scientific review of the GDS doscumentation. The GDS document provides a detailed technical definition of GHRSST-PP data products and services. The GDS-TAG is charied by Gary Wick
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The GHRSST-PP Reanalysis Project TAG (RAN-TAG) is responsible for the scoping and implementatoin of the GHRSST-PP re-analysis (RAN) project. The RAN-TAG is charied by Ken Casey
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The GHRSST-PP Data Management TAG (DM-TAG) is responsible for data management strategy and issues arising within the GHRSST-PP. The DM-TAG is charied by Jorge Vasquez
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The GHRSST-PP Sea Ice TAG (SI-TAG) is responsible for issues due to sea ice within the GHRSST-PP. The SI-TAG is charied by Peter Minnett
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The GHRSST-PP Diurnal Variation Working Group (DV-WG) is responsible for issues due to SST Diurnal variability within the GHRSST-PP. The DV-WG is charied by Chris Merchant
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The GHRSST-PP XML Working Group (XML-WG) is responsible for issues relating to the use of XML within the GHRSST-PP. The XML-WG is charied by Ed Armstrong
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