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The GODAE High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Pilot Project
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The GHRSST-PP International Project Office is sponsored by ESA and the Met Office

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The GHRSST-PP Science Team

The planning, management, implementation and monitoring of all aspects of the GHRSST-PP are the responsibility of the GHRSST-PP Science Team and Technical Advisory Groups (TAG). The team includes an international group of experts covering satellite systems, data processing, data management, user applications, climate scientists, operational oceanographers and meteorologists coordinated by the GHRSST-PP International Project Office. The GHRSST-PP Science Team meets at least once per year to review the progress of the project and to ensure optimal use of resources in a strategic manner. It plays a particularly important role in the following areas:

  1. Reviewing the evolution of GHRSST-PP objectives/goals, maintenance of the GHRSST-PP Strategic Plan and, GHRSST-PP Implementation Plan;
  2. Coordination of the international consortium that will undertake the development and implementation of the GHRSST-PP, including its final transition into an operational system;
  3. Providing advice and guidance on scientific and technical innovations relevant to the GHRSST-PP;
  4. Providing a formal body that can liase and interact with national agencies in order to implement the GHRSST-PP;

As stated in the consensus statement of The Ocean Observing System for the 21st Century (Smith and Koblinsky, 2002), the GHRSST-PP Science Team has the implementation oversight for the high resolution SST analysis network component of an integrated global observation strategy The GHRSST-PP constitutes the first step towards such an integrated system of SST measurements.

The current Science Team Terms of Reference can be found here.

The current Science Membership for 2005/06 can be found here.

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