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Whats new in the GHRSST-PP?

The latest news from the GHRSST-PP can be found on this page

Added 12/02/2007: Diurnal Variability Working Group Meeting, RSMAS, University of Miami, 28-30th March 2007

The GHRSST-PP Diurnal Variability Working Group (DV-WG) is holding a workshop at RMSAS, University of Miami. Please contact Chris Merchant ( for further details.

Added 12/02/2007: MODIS and GOES L2P data at GDAC!

The Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center (PO.DAAC) would like to announce several new sea surface temperature products available through the Global Data Assembly Center (GDAC) of the GHRSST-PP (Global Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE) High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Pilot Project). New products available in the GHRSST-PP L2P/L4 format include:

  1. Regional 6 km Level 2P from the NOAA GOES 11 and 12 geostationary platforms at 1/2 hourly intervals

  2. Global daily 1 km L2P from the NASA Aqua and Terra MODIS sensors. These SST products include commensurate chlorophyll and K490 observations.

  3. A Level 4 global daily 5 km optimally interpolated Operational Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice Analysis (OSTIA) from the UK Met Office.

The Medspiration European RDAC will no longer provide L2P data from AMSR-E, TMI, or AVHRR. These data sets will continue to be provided by Remote Sensing Systems (REMSS) and the Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVO). All products are available through . Historical data that are 30 days or older can be found at the GHRSST Longterm Stewardship and Reanalysis Center (LTSRF,

Added 26/1/2007: 8th GHRSST-PP Science Team Meeting, Melbourne Australia, 14-18th May 2007

The VIII GODAE High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Pilot Project (GHRSST-PP) Science Team Meeting will be located at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology Head Office in Melbourne, Australia, from 14 to 18 May 2007. In order to assist meeting attendees in planning their travel, accomodation and visa applications, a web page on the logistics and registration for the meeting has been developed at to Please use these pages to register for the meeting.

Added 23/03/2006: Final draft 7th Science Team Meeting Agenda released

The final draft GHRSST-PP 7th Science Team Meeting agenda is available together with revised logistical information here. This will be agreed in plenary on the opeaning day of the meeting. Thanks to all who contributed to its development over the last 3 months.

Added 05/03/2006: New version of JAXA AMSRE data available

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) would like to advise the GHRSST-PP community that the SST algorithm used for Aqua/AMSR-E near-real-time SST products were updated on March 1, 2005. The Level-1 processing and atmospheric correction have been significantly improved. In addition, the near-real-time operational processing chain at JAXA/EORC has also been improved. As a result, AMSRE SST data are available at JAXA-GHRSST server much faster (previously, the SST data were available 1.5-2 days after observation).

For more information and for operational access to these data please contact Kohtaro Hosoda, Ph.D ( at the Earth Observation Research and application Center (EORC), Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

Added 03/03/2006: New L4 SST analysis for the Australian Region now available

A new SST1m L4 data product is now being produced by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology as part of the BLUElink project. Operational SST1m maps can be viewed at Contact helen Beggs at for more information.

Added 10/02/2006: New version of RSS AMSRE gridded SST's available

A new version of AMSRE SST products is now available form Remote Sensing Systems within 2-3 hours of reception at the satellite. These data are now a version 5 product which will be contiunually updated as data arrives and is processed. New SSES and a new SST algorithm are features of these data. Push data feeds can be arrnged - contact

Added 20/023/2006: Hourly SST and LW flux data from MSG avaialable

Hourly SST and LW flux data products derived from the MSG-SEVIRI are now avauilable from the EUMETSAT Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Applications Facility (OSI-SAF). These data have been developed in response to discussions at the GDS-TAG meeting during the 6th GHRSST-PP Science Team Meeting for diurnal variability investigations. Data are available via ftp from Three netCDF files are available for each day: one contaning 24 SST fields at 0.05 deg horizontal resolution, a second file containing 24 correponding solar irradiances and longwave irradiances and a third file containing maps of solar and long wave fluxes integrated obver a 24 hour period.

Data are available from December 1st 2005 to present and further details can be found in the safo1h.doc file available at the ftp site.

Added 13/02/2006: New improved IDL and C-code L2P data reader available

A new GHRSST-PP L2P IDL and C-code reader is now available with improved functionality from the GHRSST-PP GDAC ftp site:

Please take a look at the new reader and feedback any comments to

Added 01/11/2005: Registration now open for GHRSST-PP VII Science Team Meeting

A local organisation page for the GHRSST-PP VII Science Team Meeting is now available. This meeting will bring together the GHRSST-PP Science Team and focus on user interactions across the GHRSST-PP user community. An agenda for the meeting will be developed shortly. Please take a look and place an early registration to help the logisticaql planning of the meeting.

Added 31/10/2005: GHRSST-PP welcomes support from the Mauritius Oceanography Institute (MOI)

The Mauritius Oceanography Institute (MOI) has written to the GHRSST-PP International project office expressing support for collaborative activities in the South West Indian Ocean. Dr M. Bhikajee, Director of MOI, notes "Our participation in GHRSST-PP will benefit MOI for modelling and mapping oceanic processes in the South West Indian Ocean". The Development of GHRSST-PP within the Indian Ocean region is a priority for the project and the support of MOI is a fundamental step to full international development of operational oceanogrpahy in the region. The GHRSST-PP international science team is pleased to welcome MOI into the GHRSST-PP.

Added 30/10/2005: MISST L2P data server now live!

MISST L2P data server now live! The MISST project team in collaboration with Remote Sensing Systems are now providing real time access to GHRSST-PP L2P format data from the AMSRE-And TMI Microwave radiometer systems. rovided by Remote Sensng Systems anonymous ftp access is at Documentation can be found at

Added 11/10/2005: High Resolution Diagnostic Data Set (HR-DDS) v1.0 system now live

NOCS HR-DDS v1.0 is now live! Dave Poulter and the National Oceangraphy Centre Southampton (NOCS) team have developed a fully functional WWW based interface to the GHRSST-PP HR-DDS system located at provides real time analysis capability for the GHRSST-PP HR-DDS sites. As the GHRSST-PP develops, Poulter intends to add L4 analysis and ocean model outputs to the DDS system in order to look at relative bias differences, diurnal variability in order to better understand satellite SST observations and analysis outputs.

Added 14/09/2005: The 10th GODAE IGST

The 10th IGST will be held at the Met Office, UK on the 14-16th November 2005. The working pages for the meeting contain background documents and logistics information.

Added 9/09/2005: NAVOCEANO SST's back on line

NAVOCEANO SST products are now back on-line. No further detais are available at this time.

Added 5/09/2005: The first GHRSST-PP GDAC system is now live

with a new web site located at The web site carries full data access to all GDAC holdings, the GHRSST-PP MMR system, full systen documentation and a GDAC inventory. The GDAC web interface marks a major step forward for the GHRSST-PP R/GTS Framework in 2005 providing a 'one stop shop' for GHRSST-PP data products and services. Funded by NASA for a 3 year period, the GDAC system is built on advanced data mangement technologies and the wealth of experience gained by the PO.DAAC working with the ocean user community.

Added 3/09/2005: Hurricane Katrina stops NAVOCEANO global AVHRR GAC data

An announcement at the NASA-JPL PO.DAAC informs users of NAVOCEANO SST products that due to hurricane Katrina, no data has been available since 3:00 (PST) on August 29th. At this time it is not possible to predict when these data streams will once again become available. The scale of the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina is vast and Stennis Space Center remains closed as recovery efforts continue in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Our thoughts are with those those suffering in the aftermath of Katrina.

Added 25/08/2005:Typhoon MAWR SST cold wake clearly seen in satellite images

As Typhoon MAWR approaches Japan's main isaland of Honshu with wind speeds of of 140 km hour, a clear cold water wake marks its path. As MAWR passes over the warm surface ocean water, strong winds induce surface mixing which pulls up cooler water from below marking the typhoon track with a cold water wake. A comprehensive Storm Tracking System is available at Remote Sensing Systems.

Added 25/08/2005:A new look for the GHRSST-PP Web Space

The GHRSST-PP web space has been completely re-designed with a new look and feel. As the project gains momentum with more users working within the project, a more professional and user friendly web space was required. In the coming few weeks, more pages will be populated with contributions form the GHRSST-PP Science Team and technical group leaders. Let us know where the errors are (and there are some!) and what you like and don't like about the site.

Added 25/08/2005:Global Microwave Satellite Observations of Sea Surface Temperature for Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Research

Dudley Chelton (Oregon State University) and Frank Wentz (Remote Sensing Systems) have teamed up to proivide a useful overview of SST observations from the AVHRR and AMSR-E satellite systems compared to Reynolds OIv2 and thje NCEP RTG_SST. The paper shows how the ECMWF NWP model is sensitive to spatial resolution of the SST fields used as the bottom boundary condition. PDF of the paper available from the BAMS pages at DOI:10.117/BAMS-86-81079

Added 24/08/2005:Medspiration User Consultation IFREMER, France, 13th December 2005

The Medspiration RDAC team will be holding a User Consultation workshop at IFREMER, Brest, France. This workshop will bring together operational and scientific users to discuss the dat aproducts and service provided by the MEdspiration project. If you are interested in attending the meting, please contact the Medspiration Project Manager using

Added 23/08/2005:OSTIA Daily 5km Global SST analysis is now available from the Met Office, UK

The National Ocean Forecasting Centre (NCOF), based at the Met Office,UK have developed a global coverage high resolution SST analysis, called the Operational SST and Sea Ice Analysis (OSTIA) based on GHRSST-PP L2P data products. The analysis is produced daily at a resolution of 1/20 (approx. 5km) sing a variant of optimal interpolation (OI) described by Bell et al., 2000 and will replace the current Met Office . Experimental data products are now available here and the OSTIA team are keen to take feedback. Please contact for further information.

Added 22/08/2005:GHRSST-PP USA Meeting Miami, Fl. USA 29th November 2006

A one-day meeting will be held at the University of Miami, Fl. USA that will bring together the US GHRSST-PP teams to discuss progress and developemnts within the US activities. Members of the MISST RDAC and JPL-GDAC teams together with GHRSST-PP Long Term Data Stewardship and Reanalysis Facility (LTSRF) will attend. For more information, contact

Added 22/08/2005:AGU Spring Ocean Sciences Meting, Hawaii, 20-24th February 2006
Development and Application of Climate Data Records (CDR) from Space

A dedicated session (OS037) has been convened by several GHRSST-PP Science Team members to discuss the development of CDR from satellite instruments. Full details, including on-line abstract submissions can be found at

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