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SST anomaly browser

This page shows SST anomalies from the latest OSTIA analysis compared to the European Space Agency Sea Surface Temperature Climate Change Initiative (ESA SST CCI) climatology data.

Information about the climatology is available here.

A similar page, but showing actual SSTs, is available here.

Note: The locations of St Helena and Ascension island are marked with grey small dots.

The plot above can downloaded via the link here.

Dataset citation:
Good, S.A.; Embury, O. (2019): ESA Sea Surface Temperature Climate Change Initiative (SST_cci): Climatology Climate Data Record, version 2.1.
Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, 22 August 2019.

Research paper citation:
Merchant, C.J., Embury, O., Bulgin, C.E., Block T., Corlett, G.K., Fiedler, E., Good, S.A., Mittaz, J., Rayner, N.A., Berry, D., Eastwood, S., Taylor, M., Tsushima, Y., Waterfall, A., Wilson, R., Donlon, C.
Satellite-based time-series of sea-surface temperature since 1981 for climate applications, Scientific Data 6:223 (2019).
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